2001 Computer and Information Science Seminar Series

This page provides a list of seminars that will be presented on the dates specified at 1:00pm in the Archway 2 lecture
theatre. Where available, an abstract of the seminar can be displayed by clicking on the title of the seminar.

All dates and speakers should be considered tentative until the week of the seminar!

Please check the current seminar pages if you wish to be added to a mailing list to receive official seminar announcements.

Semester 1


January 25
Hierarchical Implicit Modelling or how to build convincing sea creatures
Brian Wyvill, GraphicsJungle Laboratory, University of Calgary


February 9
Component-based methods, architectures and tools
Dr John Grundy, Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland

February 16
Software Creativity:  Why and How?
John Paynter, Department of Management Science and Information Systems School of Business, The University of Auckland


March 2
R-Tree Multidimensional Indexing: Packing and Parallel
Scott T Leutenegger, Visiting Scholar, University of Denver

March 7
Shape modelling and analysis: Research activity and projects at IMA-CNR
Michela Spaguola, Istituto per la Matematica Applicata, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

March 9
Knowledge Games
Hans van Ditmarsch, Groningen University

March 16
No seminar this week

March 23
Predicting with Sparse Data
Martin Shepperd, Bournemouth University in the UK.  (J A Valentine Visiting Professor)

March 30
Art Meets Science: Computer Animation
Professor Geoff Wyvill, Department of Computer Science


April 6
Electric Shadows
David Hood, History Department

April 13
Good Friday

April 26
Towards Operational Traceable Design
Dr Ewan Tempero, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, School of Mathematical and Computing Sciences, Victoria University

April 27
Modeling complex actions using Differential Geometry and coupled hidden Markov models
Dr Terry Caelli, William Evans Visiting Fellow


May 4
Critical Factors Affecting Personal Software Processes
Professor Nazim Madhavji, Department of Information Science

May 11
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics - A Connectionist Perspective
Professor Nik Kasabov, Information Science

May 18
Culture & Information Sciences from an International Perspective
Professor Jim Riddell, William Evans Visiting Fellow

May 25
Mondrian, An Experimental Functional Language For OO Environments
Dr Nigel Perry, IIST, Massey University


June 1
Dr Kevin Novins, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science


Semester 2