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Brendan McCane

Associate Professor

Room Owheo Building, Room 2.52
Phone +64 3 479 8588

My research interests include computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning. My research focus at the moment involves developing real-time eye and hand tracking techniques for use in a virtual sculpting environment. One of the major challenges is to develop robust systems that work in a variety of environments with a variety of users, and I am looking at utilising machine learning to enhance the robustness of these systems.

I also have an interest in computer graphics and participate in the computer graphics group here at the University of Otago.

My background is in Computer Science and I completed my undergraduate studies and PhD at James Cook University of North Queensland in Australia. My PhD was entitled "Learning to Recognise 3D Objects from 2D Intensity Images", which I completed in February 1996. I then held a temporary position as a lecturer at James Cook University, before taking up a position in February 1997 as a lecturer with the Computer Science Department here at Otago University.

For more information, see my research pages.

Selected Publications

B. McCane and T. Caelli, "Diagnostic Tools for Evaluating and Updating Hidden Markov Models," Pattern Recognition, 37(7), pp 1325-1337, 2004.

B. McCane, J. Haxby Abbott and T. King, "On Calculating the Finite Centre of Rotation for Rigid Planar Motion", Medical Engineering and Physics. To appear.

B. McCane and K. Novins, "On Training Cascade Face Detectors," presented at Image and Vision Computing New Zealand, Palmerston North, 2003, pp. 239-244.

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