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Research groups

We have several research groups which maintain their own presence on the web:

Externally funded research projects

Current Research Areas

Areas of Interest Researchers
Artificial intelligence

Ali Knott, Willem Labuschagne, Brendan McCane, Anthony Robins, Lubica Benuskova,
Steven Mills, Lech Szymanski, Martin Takac
Cluster computing Zhiyi Huang, David Eyers
Cognitive science Ali Knott, Willem Labuschagne, Anthony Robins, Lubica Benuskova, Martin Takac
Collaborative filtering Andrew Trotman
Combinatorial computing Michael Albert
Combinatorial game theory Michael Albert
Computer energy efficiency Yawen Chen
Computer graphics Geoff Wyvill, Steven Mills, David Eyers
Computer networks Zhiyi Huang, Haibo Zhang, David Eyers, Yawen Chen
Computer science education Anthony Robins
Computer vision Ali Knott, Brendan McCane, Geoff Wyvill, Steven Mills
Computers and music Geoff Wyvill, David Eyers
Data mining Brendan McCane, Richard O'Keefe
Databases David Eyers
Information retrieval Richard O'Keefe, Andrew Trotman
Logic Willem Labuschagne
Medical imaging Brendan McCane, Steven Mills
Multi-core technologies Zhiyi Huang, David Eyers
Neural networks Ali Knott, Anthony Robins, Lubica Benuskova, Lech Szymanski, Martin Takac
Parallel/distributed computing Zhiyi Huang, Haibo Zhang, David Eyers, Yawen Chen
Pattern recognition/machine learning Brendan McCane, Steven Mills, Lech Szymanski
Programming languages and compilers Richard O'Keefe, David Eyers
Theory of computing Michael Albert, Mike Atkinson, Willem Labuschagne
Wireless Networks Haibo Zhang, Zhiyi Huang