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Publications - 2016

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Journal Articles

H. Bennani, B. McCane, and J. Cornwall, Three Dimensional (3D) Lumbar Vertebrae Data Set, Data Science Journal, 15: 9, 2016

T. Botterill, S. Paulin, R. Green, S. Williams, J. Lin, V. Saxton, S. Mills, X. Chen, and S. Corbett-Davies A Robot System for Pruning Grape Vines, Journal of Field Robotics, pre-print online, 2016

J. Grubert, T. Langlotz, S. Zollmann, and H. Regenbrecht Towards Pervasive Augmented Reality: Context-Awareness in Augmented Reality IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 2016

J. Halberstadt, J. C. Jackson, D. Bilkey, J. Jong, H. Whitehouse, C. McNaughton, and S. Zollmann Incipient Social Groups: An Analysis via In-Vivo Behavorial Tracking PLoS One, 11(3), 2016

Conference Papers

L. Baker, S. Mills, T. Langlotz, and C. Rathbone Power Line Detection using Hough Transform and Line Tracing Techniques, Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ), 2016

T. Chakraborti, B. McCane, S. Mills, and U. Pal Collaborative Representation based Fine-grained Species Recognition, Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ), 2016

H. Feng, D. Eyers, S. Mills, Y. Wu, and Z. Huang PCAF: Scalable, High Precision k-NN Search Using Principal Component Analysis Based Filtering, Int. Conf. Parallel Processing (ICPP), 638-647, 2016

R. Mesbah, B. McCane, and S. Mills Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder for Myelin and Axon Segmentation, Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ), 2016

S. Mills, D. Green, N. Longnecker, J. Brundell, C. Rodger, and P. Brook Embodied Earth: Experiencing Natural Phenomena, Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ), 2016

S. Zollmann, C. Poglitsch, and J. Ventura VISGIS: Dynamic Situated Visualization for Geographic Information Systems, Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ), 2016