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Former Staff

Nathan Rountree(Senior Lecturer - July 2010)

Chris Handley (Senior Lecturer - April 2009)

Marie-Paule Cani (William Evans Fellow, February - June 2007)

Sui-Ling Ming-Wong (Lab Assistant, left November 2006)

Geoff Bolton (Research Assistant)

Scott King (Lecturer, left June 2004)

Tami King (Research Assistant)

Kevin Novins(Senior Lecturer, left June 2001)

Alister West(Research Assistant)

Stuart Sharpe (Research Assistant)

Dion Crannitch (Research Assistant)

Ben Galvin (Research Assistant)

PhD Graduates

2015  Reece Arnott Towards 3D 'Photocopying'

2014  Nabeel Khan Self Localisation in Indoor Environments using Machine Vision

2014  Lynn Azmi A Natural Interface for 3D Manipulation

2010  Ignas Kukenys Human Face Detection with Support Vector Machines

2008  Philip McLeod Fast, accurate pitch detection tools for music analysis

2006  David Mason Reversible deformation for computer graphics

2005  Alexis Angelidis Shape modeling by swept space deformation

2000  Wolfgang Seibold Near optimal adaptive triangulations

2000  Steven Mills Motion analysis of long image sequences.

1997  Chris Handley TheAnalysis and Synthesis of Visual Texture

1997  George Sealy Implicit modelling with volume models

Master's Graduates

2014  Ben MacDonell Spinal Cord Axon Segmentation

2013  Jie Fu Learning Hierarchical Sparse Filters for Feature Matching

2011  Rob Visser Physics-Based Simulation of Canine Gait

2005  Andrew Wood Simulation of water on a GPU

2005  Zhuming Lam Animation of tree development

2002  Andres James Soil simulation

2001  Mathew Pitchforth Development systems for real time vision research

2000  Michael Treadgold "Out of the Fish Tank" - Fish Tank Virtual Reality (FTVR) systems

1999  Hugh Malan Modelling of reusable objects for animation anddesign

1999  Tomek Piatek Motion capture from human silhouettes

1999  Steve Smithies Automatic recognition of handwritten formulae.

1998  Chris Butcher Growing and Animating Visually Realistic Trees

1998  Julian Peterson An Interactive Application for Texture Synthesis

1998  Jason Butler Further Studies of the Pixel-Independent Ray Tracer

1998  Tracy Mason Virtual Display Case

1997  Michael Keeley Animation from Motion Capture

1993  Ann Witbrock A Model of Articulated Animation in Three Dimensional Space

1993  Andrew Trotman Consistency, Efficiency and Correctness in Ray Tracing

1990  Thomas Spencer-Smith Timesplines in Computer Animation

1990  Graham Furniss A comparison of fast rendering techniques in CSG