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Joining Us

We are an active research group, and there are many ways that people work with us. In general you should contact one of the academic staff with your enquiry, but please read the information below first depending on whether you are interested in

Master's and PhD Students

Most of the people in our laboratory are PhD or master's research students. We are always keen to hear from good students who are interested in further study with us. Postgraduate research gives you the chance to explore an area of computer graphics or vision in great depth. Postgraduate students are the life of our group, and we work hard to make the lab a fun and supportive place to study and conduct research.

Ordinarily we would expect that PhD candidates would have a master's or first class honours degree in Computer Science or a related field (such as Electrical Engineering or Applied Mathematics), although for some projects degrees in other disciplines may be appropriate. Master's students typically enter with an honours degree (for a single year of research), or a bachelor's degree (for a two year master's by papers and thesis). More information on the requirements for a master's degree is available from the departmental pages.

The University of Otago offers a wide range of scholarship programmes. While competitive, most of our current and previous students have been supported through these scholarships. These scholarships typically provide for domestic fees and living costs. Note that international PhD (but not master's) students pay the same fees as local students, so these are covered by the scholarships.

Undergraduate Research Projects

All computer science honours students undertake a research project (COSC480), and we will offer a wide range of projects each year. Projects are usually suggested by staff and organised at the start of the year. Honours students are provided with regular supervision and a place to work in the lab as well as any equipment required for the project.


Every year we receive hundreds of emails from students wanting to undertake research internships within our lab. While we are able to host visitors, we do not have any money to support you. We can provide support through equipment, supervision, and a vibrant research environment, but cannot provide any financial support, even for accommodation or sustenance.

If you wish to enquire about internships then contact one of our staff members, but make it very clear that you have read this notice and understand that we can offer you no financial support. We receive so many applications for internships that any enquiries that do not make it clear that this is understood, and that you are able to finance yourself, will not be replied to.