International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and Southeast Asia
29 November - 2 December 2005   ·   Dunedin, New Zealand


Keynote addresses from Graphite 2005 will be available on the Web via live Webcast during the conference. You can watch whichever webcast is currently being aired via our live feed (see schedule below) by clicking on this link :-

The webcast is being streamed in multi-bit-rate Windows Media, to suit the variety of connections that viewers may have. It is best viewed in Windows Media Player, Real Player. or Mplayer under Linux or MacOS-X

Webcast Schedule

Date Speaker Time
Wed 30th Nov Opening 0900 - 0930 NZDST
Wed 30th Nov Andrew Glassner 0930 - 1000 NZDST
Thu 1st Dec Paul Debevec 0930 - 1000 NZDST
Thu 1st Dec G.J. Huang 1000 - 1030 NZDST
Fri 2nd Dec Ernest Edmonds 0930 - 1000 NZDST
Fri 2nd Dec Bonnie Mitchell 1000 - 1030 NZDST

Links to provide access to the Webcast will be on this conference Web page. If you can't make it along to Graphite 2005, at least drop in to one of the Webcasts and share the experience!

To check the time in Dunedin, click on the link to the World Time Server.

Webcasting service is supported by Citylink and provided by WIC NZ Ltd. WIC also provides the wireless service within the conference venue for the duration of the conference. WIC NZ Ltd is a young startup company based in the Centre for Innovation in St David St, Dunedin, New Zealand.