International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and Southeast Asia
29 November - 2 December 2005   ·   Dunedin, New Zealand


Digital Visual Effects at Weta Digital

Tuesday, 29 November, 9am, whole day
Venue: Seminar Room 1
Level: Beginners
Organiser: Matt Aitken, Digital Models Supervisor at Weta
Timetable for this workshop.

This full day course offers a rare chance to go behind the scenes at multiple Oscar award winning visual effects house Weta Digital Ltd. Presented by Matt Aitken, one of Weta Digital's Supervisors, this course will give a detailed insight into the work Weta has been doing on films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Using example shots from Weta's film projects Matt will look at the contribution made by the various departments within the facility such as modelling, animation, lighting and compositing to the realisation of digital creatures, digital doubles, crowds and environments. By following visual effects shots from previsualisation to final composite attendees will gain an in-depth insight into the creation of advanced visual effects such as Gollum.

  Pre-conference workshop

Pixar's RenderMan for Artists

Monday, 28 November, 8.30am, whole day
Venue: Linux Lab, 539 Castle Street
Level: CG professionals and students of 3D graphics
Organiser: Malcolm Kesson, Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia, USA
Timetable for this workshop.

Traditionally it has been difficult for artists and designers to make creative use of Pixar's RenderMan technology. It often seems that without a background in computer science the learning curve to getting started with RenderMan, especially in relation to exploring the shading language, is too steep. Rarely are there opportunities for artists and designers to be given a basic hands-on introduction to RenderMan, its Shading Language or, for example, its use with Maya. The purpose of this tutorial provides just such an opportunity. The content of the tutorial is drawn from 6 years of experience of teaching RenderMan to undergraduate and graduate students of art. The tutorial will have hands-on exercises on PC. Each participant will receive a CD-ROM containing the specialized RenderMan text editor among others. Having attended the tutorial, participants will have a good foundation on which to base their own investigations of the shading language and the integration of RenderMan and Maya.