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Willem Labuschagne - Postgraduate students

Completed PhD Theses

2007 P.L. van der Westhuizen "Control Room Agents: An Information-Theoretic Approach"

2000 J.A. van der Poll "Automated Support for Set-Theoretic Specifications"

1999 T.A. Meyer "Semantic Belief Change"

Completed MSc Theses

2009 S. Huebner "Beliefs, Disbeliefs, and Emotions"

1999 T. Horne "Temporal Logics: A Comparison of Modal and First-Order Approaches"

1997 E. Viljoen "Logics of Belief"

1994 K.J. Halland "Circumscriptive Reasoning"

1993 M.G. Miller "The Frame Problem"

1992 J.H. Rosenblatt "Default Logic and Diagnostic Reasoning"

1991 P.L. van der Westhuizen "Negation in Deductive Databases"

1989 A.P. Viljoen "A Formal Approach to Fuzzy Logic" (Winner of the SAICSIT medal for thesis)

1987 A.J.M. Snyders "Weak Choice Principles" (Winner of the UNISA Council medal for thesis)

1983 J.A. de Kock "Graph Products" (Winner of the SAAAS gold medal for thesis)

1981 H.J. du Plessis "Independence Proofs in ZF Set Theory"

1980 D. Goedeke "Physical Laws in an Axiomatic Set Theory"