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Overview of the AI Group

The goal of AI research is to seek an understanding of the computational processes underlying intelligent behaviour. AI is an interdisciplinary subject, in several senses. Intelligence is manifested in many different ways, including our abilities to speak, remember, reason, perceive, and interact with our physical environment. Intelligent behaviour can also be studied within many different disciplines, including psychology, logic, linguistics and philosophy. What makes AI a branch of computer science is that it aims to produce theories of intelligence which are precise enough and detailed enough to be implemented on a computer.

The AI group in the Department of Computer Science at Otago was established in 1987, by Albert Yeap, and has grown steadily since then.

The group is affiliated to several of the University of Otago's Research Themes and research groups:

redbullet Memory: Mechanisms, Process and Applications
redbullet Bioinformatics and Computational Molecular Biology
redbullet Graphics and Vision Research Lab
redbullet Computational Linguistics

Members of the group play an active role in several AI-related organisations, journals and conferences, including:

redbullet Neural Network World (international peer-reviewed journal)
redbullet The Association for Computational Linguistics
redbullet COLING - The International Conference on Computational Linguistics
redbullet INNS-NNN Symposia on New directions in Neural Networks
redbullet ICONIP 2008 (15th International Conference on Neural Information Processing of the Asia-Pacific Neural Network Assembly)
redbullet Associate Editorship of the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks

The group has close links with several institutions, in New Zealand and abroad:

redbullet The School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh
redbullet The Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, at the University of Pennsylvania
redbullet The Centre for Language Technology at Macquarie University
redbullet The The Knowledge Engineering Laboratory in Otago's Department of Information Science
redbullet The AI Research Group at Victoria University of Wellington
redbullet The Cognitive Science Laboratory at The University of Liège
redbullet Department of Applied Informatics at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia