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Third Level Heading: Department of Computer Science

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Second Level Heading: About the Group

The Systems Research Group is a small but enthusiastic bunch of academics at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Our aim is to explore as many aspects of distributed computing, databases, and data communications as possible!

We study such diverse areas as cluster computing, distributed supercomputing, distributed shared memory, data mining, multi-dimensional indexing (partiularly for spatiotemporal databases), data analysis and modelling, medical information systems, and data visualisation. We therefore incorporate skills drawn from all areas of computer science, including Operating Systems Design and Implementation, Languages and Compilers, Systems Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Graphics.

The group consists of

For a course prospectus please email or telephone the Department of Computer Science: computer-science@otago.ac.nz, Telephone +64 3 479 8578.