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Zhiyi Huang - Research Projects

I am currently working at the Systems Research Group at the University of Otago.

My ongoing research projects are:

  • Finding the biomarker of depression using machine learning algorithms, with Shenghuan Zhang, Phoebe Neo, Neil McNaughton, Paul Glue
  • Detecting and improving affective states with EEG, with Phoebe Neo, Tame Kawe, Neil McNaughton
  • Mind-Controlled System with Wearable EEG Devices, with Xiping Fu, Phoebe Neo, Terence Mayne, Liz Franz
  • Large-Scale 3D Reconstruction from Images, with Steven Mills, David Eyers, Xiaoxin Tang, Huan Feng, Xiaolong Shen
  • Architecture and routing design for network-on-chips, with Feiyang Liu, Haibo Zhang, Yawen Chen
  • Wireless networks (WBAN, VANET), with Abbas Arghavani, Guangbing Xiao, Haibo Zhang, Yawen Chen

Previous projects:

Conferences organisation: