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Brendan McCane - Research
Current Research

Currently I am involved in several research projects, and these change on a semi-regular basis (more regularly than I update this page). The easiest way to see what I am working on is to check out my google scholar profile.

I am always on the lookout for applied problems in computer vision and pattern recognition, so if you have any interesting applied problems and you would like to collaborate, please get in touch.

Potential Postgrads

I get a lot of requests from potential postgrad students. For me to consider your request you need to:

1. Say in your email that you've read this page; and

2. Be interested in computer vision or machine learning; and

3. Have a 4 year honours degree, or preferably a masters degree in a computing related field; and

4. Have an A average in your final 2 years of study, or research experience and publications in reputable venues.

If any of these conditions are not true, then I may not even respond to your email. If you satisfy all conditions, then by all means send me an email. If you want to know what I have been doing recently, then my publications page is the best place to look. Note that the University of Otago now has an excellent scholarship program (although quite competitive), and that overseas PhD students need only pay domestic fees. Further, the cost of living in Dunedin is very low. This makes Otago very attractive for PhD students.

Information for Potential Interns

I get a lot of requests from students wanting to do research internships with our lab. I accept very few interns because I don't have the time to supervise them. I also don't have any money to pay them. So unless you have other sources of funding, or can afford to come anyway, don't bother asking. We can provide equipment, supervision and a great atmosphere though. If you're still interested then by all means send me an email, but please mention that you've read and understood this webpage, and that you realise that we can't pay you. And I really mean we can't pay you - not for accommodation or sustenance or anything. If you don't mention this page, then I will ignore your email.