computer science



There are five 100-level COMP papers. Three of these are offered by the Department of Computer Science: COMP150, COMP160, and COMP112.

  • COMP150 is an introduction to the basics of programming using the Python programming language, with an emphasis on practical topics. We recommend this paper if you want to understand what programming is all about but don't want to jump all the way into a COSC major, or if you are a COSC major who just wants to know more about Python, or if you intend to do COMP160 but would like to be well prepared for it.
  • COMP160 is the key paper for COSC majors, and provides an introduction to object-oriented programming in Java. We carry on with Java programming in COSC241, so you need to do COMP160 before going on with 200-level COSC papers. We do not assume any particular background except for basic computer literacy (ability to send e-mail, do word-processing, save files and then find them again the next day). However, if you prefer to be well prepared, you may wish to do COMP150 first.
  • COMP112 is an introduction to web technologies including HTML, CSS, and digital media. We recommend this fun paper if you want practice in creating web pages and using Photoshop and Flash. It's fair to say that COMP112 is our most popular paper, taken by many students who are not intending to go further in computer science.

The remaining COMP papers are taught by the Department of Information Science. Please see :-

COMP101 - Foundations of Information Systems
COMP111 - Information and Communications Technology
COMP210 - Information Assurance