computer science



All COSC majors must do COSC326 Effective Programming, which is offered in both semesters, and in Summer School.

Also, COSC majors must do at least three of:

Semester 1

COSC341 Theory of Computing

COSC342 Computer Graphics

COSC343 Artificial Intelligence

COSC301 Network Management (until 2016 this paper was called TELE301)

Semester 2

COSC344 Databases Theory and Applications

COSC346 Object-Oriented Programming

Summer School

COSC360 Computer Game Design

Whole year

COSC345 Software Engineering

For all of the above (except for COSC301) COSC242 is a prerequisite. For COSC341 and COSC342, MATH160 is also a prerequisite.

Of these papers, COSC341 is required for Honours and should be considered by anyone wishing to do postgraduate study, while COSC344, 345, and 346 are particularly relevant if you plan to enter employment as a programmer immediately after completing third year, without undertaking postgraduate study.