computer science


Papers recommended for all COSC majors

Whatever your chosen degree, if you are majoring in computer science we suggest that you seriously consider including at some stage the papers COMP112, BSNS107 and LAWS102.

COMP112 introduces web authoring, BSNS115 gives an overview of financial systems for the non-specialist, and LAWS102 is an introduction to law and new technologies.

These papers are optional, not required.

But we think they are likely to make you more attractive to potential employers and to make life easier for you if you enter the computing profession. After all, every business has a website, and you could be called upon to maintain or redesign it. Similarly, the first piece of software a business purchases is a financial system, and if you have to modify such a system it helps to have an overview of what it should do. Finally, most businesses would be grateful for employees who understand the possible legal ramifications of the technologies developed or marketed by that company.

The first six months of employment are stressful. By sensible preparation during your studies, you can take some of the stress out.