Semester 2


16 July
If time did not matter:  Information portrayal in dynamic environments
William Wong, Lecturer, Information Science

23 July
Wayfinding/Navigation within a QTVR Virtual Environment: Preliminary
Brian Norris, Information Science

30 July
The Role of Computer Science in Biomedical Imaging
Henry Huang, University of California


6 August
Positron Emission Tomography for Measuring Biological Functions
Henry Huang, University of California

13 August
 No seminar

20 August
From Images to Objects
Steven Mills, PhD student, Department of Computer Science

27 August
A year in cyberspace - notes from the bleeding edge
David Parry, Phd student, Information Science


3 September

10 September
Towards Reusable Objects
Hugh Malan, PhD student, Department of Computer Science

No seminar this week

24 September
no seminar this week

30 September
Defining complete application semantics with the UML
Par Emanuelson, Software Engineering Research Centre Melbourne, Australia


1 October
How to Build a Planet
Ken Musgrave, MetaCreations

8 October
A new computational theory of natural languages and some new applications
Dr Albert Yeap, Senior Lecturer, Director of AI Laboratory, Department of Computer Science

15 October
Planning for a change to Java
Dr Anthony Robins, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science

22 October
Industrial experiences with Goal/Question/Metric measurement
Rini van Solingen, Delft University of  Technology The Netherlands