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Graphics and Vision at Otago

Welcome to the Graphics and Vision Research Laboratory in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Otago. The laboratory was formed in 1986, and today consists of 3 academic staff and several postgraduate students, as well as the occasional visitor.

Our research is varied, but most of it falls somewhere in the broad fields of computer graphics, vision, and image processing. Mostly we're doing stuff that is interesting and fun, since we believe that makes the lab an interesting and fun place to be. You can find out more technical details from our publications.

If you are interested in what we do and want to get involved, look at the ways in which you can join the lab, or get in touch with one of the academic staff.

Latest News

"Best of SIGCHI" @SIGGRAPH 2018

Our work "ChromaGlasses: Computational Glasses for Compensating Colour Blindness" has been select for the "Best of SIGCHI" invited session for SIGGRAPH 2018 and was presented in Vancouver by Yuta Itoh from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Honourable Mention Award at CHI 2018

Our ACM CHI 2018 paper "ChromaGlasses: Computational Glasses for Compensating Colour Blindness" has been awarded an Honourable Mention Award for CHI 2018. The work was a collaboration by Stefanie with Tobias Langlotz, Jonathan Sutton and Holger Regenbrecht from Information Science and Yuta Itoh from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Marsden FastStart award

Stefanie with Ali Knott as mentor won a $300,000 Marsden FastStart award. The three-year project is called "Interactive 3D computational videography".

MBIE research funding award

Stefanie and the project team from Computer Science (Steven), Information Science (Tobias Langlotz, Holger Regenbrecht) and Physical Education (Chris Button) have won a $1,000,000 MBIE research funding award. The three-year project is called "Situated visualisation to enrich sports experience for on-site spectators" and builds on previous collaboration between the different departments.

BMVC 2017

Tab and Steven went to BMVC to present their paper on "A Generalised Formulation for Collaborative Representation of Image Patches" See the publications page for details.

IVCNZ 2016

Image and Vision Computing New Zealand is in Palmerston North on November 21st and 22nd. We have five papers accepted from Tap, Rassoul, Lewis, Stefanie, and Steven. See the publications page for details.

Journal Publications

Hamza has published a paper and dataset of 3D vertebrae models in the Data Science Journal, and Steven is co-author on a paper by Tom Botterill summarising the robot vine pruning project in the Journal of Field Robotics.

Welcome to Stefanie

Stefanie Zollmann has just joined the department as a lecturer. She has previously worked at Animation Research Ltd., and her research interests lie in Visual Computing, the intersection between vision, graphics, visualisation, and HCI.

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