computer science


Software to download

  • Free JAVA tool for visualisation of large genomes
    Results are presented in Makula M and Benuskova L (2009) Interactive visualisation of oligomer frequency in DNA. Computing and Informatics , 28: 695-710. reprint
  • C++ programme code for the granule cell
    used for the publication Benuskova L and Abraham WC (2007) STDP rule endowed with the BCM sliding threshold accounts for hippocampal heterosynaptic plasticity. Journal of Computational Neuroscience 22(2): 129-133. link
  • Brain-Gene Ontology (Description and download here)
    Results are presented for instance in
    -- Kasabov N, Jain V, Benuskova L (2008) Integrating evolving brain-gene ontology and connectionist-based system for modeling and knowledge discovery. Neural Networks 21(2-3): 266-275. link
  • Simulator for computational neurogenetic modelling of local field potentials
    Go to KEDRI's Computational Intelligence Repository, then in the menu click on Computational Neuro-Genetic Modelling.
    Results are presented in
    -- Benuskova L, Kasabov N (2008) Modeling brain dynamics using computational neurogenetic approach. Cognitive Neurodynamics 2(4): 319-334. link
    -- Benuskova L, Jain V, Wysoski SG and Kasabov N (2006) Computational neurogenetic modeling: a pathway to new discoveries in genetic neuroscience. Intl. Journal of Neural Systems, 16(3): 215-227. link

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