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Willem Labuschagne - Books and Book chapters

My colleague Johannes Heidema and I are writing a book on applied logic some parts of which have been tried out as lectures.

Labuschagne WA and Heidema J (2001): Knowledge and belief — The agent-oriented view. In Roux APJ and Coetzee PH (editors): Culture in Retrospect, Pretoria: UNISA Press, 194-214. (ISBN 1-8688-166-0)

Heidema J and Labuschagne WA (1999): Logics for all seasons. In Devilliers MR, Mynhardt CM, Reynhardt EC, Summers CA, Summers GJ, and Yadavalli VSS (editors): Proceedings of the Symposium in Honour of Professor George McGillivray, Pretoria: UNISA Press, 15-28.

Labuschagne WA (1993): A User–friendly Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science, Pretoria: UNISA Press. (ISBN 0-86981-810-4)