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Students in the Systems Research Group

Current students

PhD students:

Abbas Arghavani: Body Sensor Networks

Ashraful Alam: Wireless Sensor Network Security using Access Control Mechanisms and Cryptographic Techniques in Cross-Layer Protocols

Lahiru Ariyasinghe: Improving Quality of Experience (QoE) in Streaming Media Content Delivery using Peer-to-Peer Systems

Leila Eskandari: Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Aleksei Fedorov: Mitigating multipath propagation effects in MIMO systems

Sajida Kalsoom: Biometric-based Multi-Principal Authentication and Authorisation Models

Mahdi Amiri Kordestani: Virtualisation in multicore computing

Luming Wan: Efficient routing in delay-tolerant networks based on fine-grained contact history

Guangbing Xiao: Efficient communication protocols for vehicular networks

Wen Yang: Optical Network on Chip


Master students:

None at present.


Past students  

    Paul Crane PhD: An Indoor Localisation System Based on Ubiquitous Technology

    Feiyang Liu PhD: High-Performance and Wavelength-Reused Optical Network on Chip (ONoC) Architectures and Communication Schemes for Manycore Processor

    Lewis Baker MSc: Power Line Detection from Mobile Devices

     Bhaskar Ashoka (PhD), Mobility Management in Next Generation Networks

    Sheetal Jadhav (PhD), Resource allocation and Call admission control for next generation networks

    Kai-Cheung Leung (PhD), Evaluating the programmability and the performance of VOPP

    Jothi Nathella Vijayakumar (PhD), Wireless sensor network for Train localization

    Jason Mair (PhD), Energy Saving in Large Scale Systems

    Manish Singh (PhD), Parallel Algorithms

    Adeel Javed (PhD) Energy Efficient Communication System for Train Localization using WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks)

    Aysha Al-Hinai (MSc), Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks

    Chakkaradeep Chinnakonda Chandran (MSc), Educator - Connect, Teach and Learn

    Syed Faisal Hasan (PhD) - Quality of service in the Internet

    Xiangfei Jia (MSc) - Network based memory paging in a cluster computer

    Byung-Hyun Yu (PhD) - Distributed shared memory protocols

    Birger Brunswiek (MSc) - Vision-based landing of a model airplane

    Sam Lee (MSc) - Embedded Minix toolkit

    Hailing Situ (MSc) - Dynamic load balancing in a cluster computer

    Mark Pethick (MSc) - A kernel to kernel message passing system for Linux

    Clint Cooper (MSc) - Concurrency control in spatiotemporal databases