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With primary interests in CS Theory

Mike Atkinson
Mike was appointed as Professor of Computer Science in July 2000. His interests are in algorithms, complexity, combinatorics, and algebra.

Michael Albert
Michael was appointed in December 2000. His interests are in algorithms, combinatorics, and the theory of games.

With secondary interests in CS Theory

Robert Aldred (Mathematics and Statistics)
Derek Holton (Mathematics and Statistics)
Dennis McCaughan (Mathematics and Statistics)
Chris Handley (Computer Science)
Hans van Ditmarsch (Computer Science)

Chris Monteith MSc 2005
Lutful Karim

Recent visitors

Name Affiliation Period
Nik Ruskuc St Andrews, UK October, 2000
November, 2001
January, 2004
January, 2005
December, 2007
January, 2010
January, 2012
Angele Hamel Wilfrid Laurier, Canada December, 2000
Max Murphy St Andrews, UK June, 2001
Jaroslav Opatrny Concordia, Canada Semester 1, 2002
Mike Paterson Warwick, UK February, 2003
Steve Linton St Andrews, UK January, 2004
March, 2008
Steve Waton St Andrews, UK January, 2005
Sophie Huczynska St Andrews, UK January, 2005
Joerg Sack Carleton, Canada March, April, 2005
Robert Brignall Open University, UK January, 2006
December, 2007
November, 2010
Rebecca Smith SUNY Brockport, USA Semester 2, 2007
Julian West Bristol University, UK December 2007 - January 2008
Vince Vatter Florida, USA September, 2009
January 2012
Mathilde Bouvel Paris January, February 2010
Anders Claesson Reykjavik January - April 2010