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External Talks by Theory Group Members

Presenter Event/Place Date of Presentation Title/topic
Michael Albert ACCMCC2012 December 2012 New techniques in enumeration
Mike Atkinson Carleton October 2012 Some things you didn't know
Michael Albert Bordeaux, Open Uni., Florida Sept, Oct, Nov 2012 Permutation patterns
Michael Albert Bordeaux, École Polytechnique Sept 2012 New perspectives on enumeration
Mike Atkinson PP2012 June 2012 Priority queues and pattern classes
Michael Albert PP2012 June 2012 Software for permutation patterns
Michael Albert U. Florida, UCLA November 2011 Asymptotic and exact enumeration
Michael Albert BCC2011 July 2011 Separable permutations
Michael Albert PP2011 June 2011 Double-bubble trouble
Mike Atkinson PP2011 June 2011 (3+1)-avoiding permutations
Mike Atkinson NZ Maths Colloquium December 2010 Bubblesort and permutations
Michael Albert ACCMCC'10 December 2010 Young classes of permutations
Mike Atkinson PP2010 August 2010 Consecutive pattern avoidance
Michael Albert PP2010 August 2010 Separation anxiety
Mike Atkinson Victoria U, Wellington November 2009 Permutation Patterns
Mike Atkinson 7th Aust.- Maths Convention, Christchurch December 2008 Deques and Stacks
Michael Albert Paris November 2008 Structure of permutation classes
Mike Atkinson Carleton August 2008 Deques and Stacks
Michael Albert FPSAC08 June 2008 Growth rates
Mike Atkinson PP2008 June 2008 Deques and Stacks
Michael Albert PP2008 June 2008 Growth rates
Mike Atkinson PP2007 June 2007 Simple permutations
Michael Albert PP2007 June 2007 Aspects of separability
Mike Atkinson St Andrews October 2006 Increasing sequences
Mike Atkinson Edinburgh November 2006 Increasing sequences
Mike Atkinson PP2006 June 2006 Polynomial growth
Mike Atkinson ACCMCC'05 December 2005 Increasing sequences
Mike Atkinson PP2005 March 2005 Sorting classes
Michael Albert PP2005 March 2005 Token passing networks
Mike Atkinson ACCMCC & NZIMA CCA December 2004 Sorting classes
Michael Albert ACCMCC & NZIMA CCA December 2004 Transposition switches
Mike Atkinson PP2004 July 2004 Infinite bijections
Michael Albert PP2004 July 2004 Insertion encoding
Michael Albert FPSAC'04 July 2004 Meanders
Michael Albert Canadian Mathematical Society June 2004 CandyNim
Mike Atkinson Carleton June 2004 Russian cards
Mike Atkinson St Andrews July 2003 Russian cards
Mike Atkinson St Andrews July 2003 Forkstacks
Michael Albert Waterloo, Carnegie-Mellon April 2004 Permutation classes
Michael Albert Cambridge October 2003 Simple patterns
Michael Albert Cork, Limerick October 2003 Permutation patterns
Mike Atkinson PP2003 February 2003 Simple permutations
Michael Albert PP2003 February 2003 Forkstacks
Michael Albert SWAT'02 July 2002 Forkstacks