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Alistair Knott - Prospective Postgrad Students

Most of the students in my lab work in the field of neural networks, developing computational models of cognitive processes informed by experimental work in psychology and neuroscience. For details of the kind of models that are developed, see my summary of research interests.

If you're a good student, have some experience with neural networks, and are interested in research into human language and its interfaces with other neural mechanisms, please feel free to send me an email.

Otago University has a good PhD scholarship scheme. Scholarships are open to qualified students from any country, and cover both course fees and living expenses. To be considered for admission to the Computer Science department's PhD programme, you must have at least a four-year undergraduate degree in Computer Science or in a related discipline. You must also have a research project worth at least 25% of a full-time load in your final year. To be considered for a PhD scholarship, you must have an 'A' average or better in your final year of study.