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Alistair Knott - Personal

If you want to travel up my nostril in 3-d virtual space, and you have a VRML-compatible browser, then check this out. But only if you really really want to. I haven't got round to putting the rest of me online yet, but if I did you could expect pointers to John Scofield, Marc Johnson, Bill Frisell, John Abercrombie, Lyle Mays, sailing dinghies, picnics in the mountains, Tonga, Greece, Provence, Italy, Brussels, Suffolk, Chimay, Grimbergen, Duvel, Hoegaarden, Adnams, mistletoe, Odysseus, Wodwo, beakers full of the Warm South, and Elves. Two things I have managed to put online are my elf-like daughters MIA and HELEN.

I've just discovered the Knott Coat of Arms! And to go with it, a motto: "Dum spira spera", "While I breathe I hope".