computer science


Haibo Zhang
My research interests include wireless sensor/ad-hoc/mesh networks, delay-tolerant networks, optical network-on-chips, cyber-physical systems, datacenter networks, software-defined networks, green computing, distributed algorithms and protocols. My current research focuses on routing protocols and scheduling polices for reliable real-time industrial communication, low-power reliable data communication in body sensor networks, efficient routing in delay tolerant networks, and traffic classification and scheduling in software-defined networks.

Contact Details

Phone: +64 3 479 8534
Email: haibo AT
Office: Room 2.47, Owheo Building
Department of Computer Science
University of Otago
Dunedin, New Zealand

  • [2017.06.11] Paper accepted by ACM Transactions on Internet Technology - Haibo Zhang, Luming Wan, Yawen Chen, Adaptive Message Routing and Replication in Mobile Opportunistic Networks for Connected Communities
  • [2017.01.28] Paper accepted by IEEE ICC'17 - Aleksei Fedorov, Haibo Zhang and Yawen Chen, Geometry-based Modeling and Simulation of 3D Multipath Propagation Channel with Realistic Spatial Characteristics
  • [2016.03.16] Paper accepted by IEEE WoWMoM'16 - Luming Wan, Haibo Zhang, Feiyang Liu and Yawen Chen, Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks with Fine-Grained Contact Characterisation and Dynamic Message Replication
  • [2016.01.11] Paper accepted by IEEE VTC 2016-Spring - Guangbing Xiao, Haibo Zhang, Zhiyi Huang and Yawen Chen, Decentralized Cooperative Piggybacking for Reliable Broadcast in the VANET
  • [2015.11.01] Welcome Aleksei Fedorov to join our group as a PhD student!
  • [2015.05.12] Welcome Abbas Arghavani to join our group as a PhD student!
  • [2015.03.23] Welcome Guangbing to join our group as a PhD student!
  • [2014.11.17] Paper accepted by INFOCOM2015 - Feiyang Liu, Haibo Zhang, Yawen Chen, Zhiyi Huang and Huaxi Gu, WRH-ONoC: A Wavelength-Reused Hierarchical Architecture for Optical Network on Chips, [acceptance rate: 316/1640 = 19%].
  • [2014.04.07] Paper accepted by IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology - Haibo Zhang, Fredrik Osterlind, Pablo Soldati, Thiemo Voigt and Mikael Johansson, Time-Optimal Convergecast with Separated Packet Copying: Scheduling Policies and Performance
  • [2014.03.11] Welcome Feiyang to join our group as a PhD student!
  • [2014.01.06] Paper accepted by Journal of Supercomputing - Aysha Al-Hinai, Haibo Zhang, Yawen Chen, and Yidong Li - TB-SnW: Trust-Based Spray-and-Wait Routing for Delay Tolerant Networks.
  • [2013.12.24] Best Paper Award @ EmbeddedCom2013 - Jothi V N Vijayakumar, Haibo Zhang, Zhiyi Huang, and Adeel Javed, A particle filter based train localization scheme using wireless sensor networks, [Best Paper Award].
  • [2013.12.03] Welcome Luming to join our group as an MSc student!
  • [2013.11.25] Paper accepted by INFOCOM2014 - Yan Li, Haibo Zhang, Zhiyi Huang and Michael Albert, Optimal Link Scheduling for Delay-constrained Periodic Traffic over Unreliable Wireless Links, [acceptance rate: 320/1645 = 19.4%]. .
  • [2013.06.30] Paper accepted by LCN2013 - Aysha Al-Hinai and Haibo Zhang, Probabilistic Routing Based on Fine-Grained Contact Characterization in Delay Tolerant Networks.
  • [2013.05.20] Dr Atheer Matroud joined our group as an assistant research fellow.
  • [2013.03.28] Aysha Al-Hinai submitted her master thesis!
  • [2013.03.26] Paper accepted by IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications - Haibo Zhang, Pablo Soldati and Mikael Johansson, Performance Bounds and Latency-Optimal Scheduling for Convergecast in WirelessHART Networks.