Travel to Dunedin

We expect most participants will fly into Dunedin International Airport and we shall meet most of the flights. If you arrive at the airport and find there is no-one to greet you, the easiest way to get into town (and to University College) is to take an airport shuttle which will deliver you to the door - and it is quite a lot cheaper than a taxi.

If you are arriving in New Zealand at Christchurch and, for whatever reason, have decided to make your way to Dunedin by road we suggest that you consider booking a shuttle (about a 5 hour journey) onward to Dunedin with Atomic shuttles.

If you are considering renting a car to travel from Christchurch to Dunedin and wish to share the costs then write to Mike Atkinson. He will compile a list of such requests and make them available on this page. People on this list can then contact one another and arrange a car between themselves.