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Steven Mills - History

I was born and educated in Dunedin, and received my Honours and PhD degrees in computer science from the University of Otago. After completing my studies I worked as a developer for an e-commerce house in Christchurch before moving to the UK, to take up a lectureship in computer science at The University of Nottingham. At Nottingham my research was fairly broad, and included collaboration with a wide variety of other researchers in disciplines as diverse as Plant Biology, Paleo-anthropology, and English.

After about 5 years in the UK, I decided to return to New Zealand and was a Senior Research Scientist at the Geospatial Research Centre, where I worked on reconstructing scenes from aerial imagery (among other things). In 2009 I moved to Areograph, a Dunedin-based company which builds photo-realistic environments. This continued my work on scene reconstruction, but included indoor and outdoor scenes from ground-based imagery, as well as continuing work on aerial imagery in collaboration with Hawkeye UAV. In October 2011, I returned to the University of Otago as a lecturer, and am continuing to work on the problem of building realistic models of scenes from images.