computer science



All COSC majors must do

  • COSC241 Programming and Problem Solving - and
  • COSC242 Algorithms and Data Structures - as well as
  • COSC243 Computer Architecture and Operating Systems - and
  • COSC244 Data-communications, Networks, Internet.

The programming backbone of a COSC major is provided by the sequence
     COMP160 then COSC241 then COSC242.
Each is a prerequisite for the next, and COSC242 is a prerequisite for all 300-level COSC papers.

COSC papers typically have two 1 hour lectures per week and a variety of tutorials and labs.

The department also offers COSC212, which explores a variety of tools and concepts that will be useful for website development. COSC212 has a programming prerequisite, namely COMP160, although COSC241 would be even better.