University of Otago
the real-time music analysis tool
Graphics & Vision Lab

21/6/07   Tartini 1.2 released!   New features include:
  • The ability to set an offset frequency. i.e. not fixed to A=440 Hz
  • Vertical reference lines
  • Fixed a bug in note detection which caused a number of pitch detection problems. This made a huge improvement to a lot of things

23/5/07   Tartini 1.1 released!   New features include: vibrato image
  • An even more refined pitch algorithm.
  • A vibrato tool. You can analyse properties such as speed, height and shape of vibrato.
  • Full Duplex sound. You can listen to a track, and record at the same time. Compare yourself to the line.
  • A choice of reference scales (Major, minor or chromatic).
  • A choice of tuning system (Even tempered, Just intonation, Pythagorean tuning or Meantone temperament).
  • Support for more sound interfaces. Linux (OSS, ALSA, JACK), MacOSX, Windows (ASIO, Windows-MM).
  • The ability to export the pitch data to Matlab or plain text.

19/7/05 Tartini (version 1.0) is released!