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Other work based on Tartini

27/9/09  Mark Biscuit has a very basic Windows Mobile app called oTuner based on Tartini.
24/7/08  Flutini is a program for showing the average tuning of an instrument using a simple interface. It was developed recently by Scott R. Turner, and is based upon Tartini by Philip McLeod, and Polygraph by Graeme Roxburgh and Terry McGee.
26/6/08  I've recently heard that Tartini is proving very useful in the Irish flute community. Read why here. Terry McGee and Graeme Roxburgh have even made an add-on package called Tartini-R Polygraph, which summaries information about the pitch distribution.
14/11/06 Tartini 1.0 algorithm ported as a SuperCollider plugin. Thanks to Nick Collins.
If you have interesting stories about how Tartini is helping you, or programs you are making based on Tartini, send me (Phil) an email at and I'll put it up on this page.