University of Otago
the real-time music analysis tool
Graphics & Vision Lab

Tartini (version 1.2) is released under the GPL licence.

For Mac or Windows users, just save the file to disk. Unzip the file. Then run it.

MacOSX (Old Power PC's only)tartini1.2.tar.gz (4.6 MB)
Windows (Still working) (5.4 MB)
Source code (All platforms including Linux)tartini1.2.tar.gz (0.8 MB)

An input device, such as a microphone, is required for real-time use.
Here is an example.wav to test the program (0.9MB).

Note: The same source code compiles on Linux, Windows and MacOSX.
If you want to compile Tartini yourself you will need to have the following libraries:

Qt4.x - Download it from the Qt open source download page.
Qwt - Quick download
FFTW - Quick download fftw-3.1.2.tar.gz

Note: older versions of Tartini can be found here