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[3] Philip McLeod, Fast, Accurate Pitch Detection Tools for Music Analysis, PhD thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of Otago, 2008.   [PDF] (2.8Mb)

[2] McLeod. P, Wyvill. G, "A Smarter Way to Find Pitch", Proc. International Computer Music Conference, Barcelona, Spain, September 5-9, 2005, pp 138-141.   [PDF] (162Kb)

[1] McLeod. P, Wyvill. G, "Visualization of Musical Pitch", Proc. Computer Graphics International, Tokyo, Japan, July 9-11, 2003, pp 300-303.   [PDF] (351Kb)

Note that [2] describes the basic underlying algorithm that is used by Tartini, with [3] going into much more depth and other additions.