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AI Lab desk allocation

Each desk in each lab has a number. This table records who's at each desk, along with info about project and supervisor (and for 4th year / visiting students and RAs, duration of stay).

Please send any updates to Robert Pollock.

Lab Name Desk Student name Project Supervisor(s) Duration of stay
256 Small AI Lab
    2 Leila Eskandari PhD Zhiyi Huang, David Eyers 2016 onward
3 Jinge Li PhD Michael Albert 2016 (and onward)
4 Luming Wan PhD Haibo Zhang  
  5 Xiaogang Yan PhD Ali Knott From 1/10/16
257 Big AI Lab
1 Tapabrata Chakraborti PhD Brendan McCane To 2018
2 Haitao Xu PhD Brendan McCane 3/2018 onward
5 Murray Tannock PhD Michael Albert 1/3/17 onward
6 Daniel Slack PhD Ali Knott, Brendan McCane 16/11/2015 onward
7 Herbert Han 4th Year Brendan McCane 9/3/17 onwards
8 Craig Atkinson PhD Brendan McCane 1/3/17 onward
9 Chris Gorman PhD Ali Knott 23/2/2015 onward
10 Russel Mesbah PhD Brendan McCane To 2018