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Neural Networks

Despite its slow "hardware" the brain is a much more powerful and sophisticated computational system than any computer ever built. What can the brain teach us about computation and how to perform complex tasks such as natural language processing, vision, and control and optimisation problems? Neural networks are a family of methods that try to address these issues and explore "brain-like" computation, information processing and learning. "Deep learning" is a currently popular technology based on neural networks, and used by organisations such as Google, Baidu, Microsoft and Apple.

In our group, we build neural network models of memory mechanisms, natural language and sensorimotor processing.

We also teach three specialised courses on neural networks.

These papers are part of the University's Neuroscience programme, which features many other relevant papers, taught by the departments of Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, and elsewhere in the University.

The following are useful resources for finding out more:

Although it is now defunct, the old

Neural nets at Otago

There is a lot of neural network related research and teaching at Otago: