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Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks Research Group

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Academic Staff in the AI Group

Anthony Robins: Neural Networks, Cognitive Science.

Alistair Knott: Neural networks, cognitive science, computational linguistics.

Brendan McCane: Computer Vision.

Andrew Trotman: Information extraction; information retrieval.

Lech Syzmanski: Neural Networks, Pattern recognition.

Postgraduate Students

  • Glenn Blanchette (PhD) Learning in neural networks in conditions of uncertainty and managing belief change in a neural network
  • Chris Gorman (PhD) Neural Network models of language and sensorimotor cognition
  • Azam Shirrafi (PhD) Theoretical investigation of synaptic plasticity
  • Gonzalo Sanchez Nido (PhD) Molecular genetics of long-term synaptic plasticity

Research Fellows and Research Assistants

  • Martin Takac: Marsden Funded project - Does language syntax mirror the structure of sensorimotor cognition?

Past Staff and Students

Past Academic Staff

Past Research Assistants

  • Peter Vlugter: Māori-English natural language processing; human-machine dialogue systems.
  • Ian Bayard: Māori-English natural language processing.
  • Janet Rountree: Learning a first programming language.
  • Tori Weatherall: Māori-English natural language processing; Māori language education.

Past Postgraduate Students

  • Andrew Webb (PhD) Language and sensory motor cognition.
  • Mira Guise (PhD) Spiking Network Models of Memory and Representation
  • Claudia Ott (PhD) Investigation and improvement of CS1 learning outcomes.
  • Paul McCarthy (PhD) Analysis of fMRI/EEG Data using Graph Theory Techniques
  • Nicholas Hananeia (MSc) Computational modelling of synaptic plasticity
  • Jennifer McDonald (PhD) A pragmatic tutorial dialogue system: design, implementation and evaluation in a health sciences domain
  • Paul McCarthy (PhD) Analysis of fMRI/EEG Data using Graph Theory Techniques
  • Jeremy Lee-Hand (MSc) Modelling the effect of actions
  • Tim Neumegen (MSc) A computational model of reaching to grasp
  • Thomas Harper (MSc) A Comparative Study of Function Approximators Involving Neural Networks
  • Jayson Mackie (PhD) Hand pose estimation.
  • Alicia Monteith (PhD) Learning and emotion in artificial life.
  • Ignas Kukenys (PhD) Face detection.
  • Halizah Basiron (PhD) A Statistical Model of Error Correction for Computed Assisted Language Learning Systems
  • Lech Szymanski (PhD) Support Vector Machines.
  • Hayden Walles (PhD) Language and sensory motor cognition.
  • Simon McCallum (PhD) Catastrophic learning and pseudo-rehearsal solution in Hopfield networks.
  • Michael Liddle (PhD) Neural network models of vision and visual attention.
  • Corrin Lakeland (PhD) Computational Linguistics.
  • Andrew Trotman (PhD) Information extraction and retrieval.
  • Nathan Rountree (PhD) Initialising neural networks with prior knowledge.
  • Gregory Caza (MSc) Language and intention recognition in infants.
  • Robin Sheat (MSc) The effect of representation on the evolution of genetic algorithms
  • Tom Eastman (MSc) The use of constructive neural networks in serial learning.
  • Anar Khan (MSc) A text mining tool for biomedical applications.
  • Andrew Rowse (MSc) Neural networks, motor control.
  • Andrew Webb (MSc) Multi-agent simulations of language evolution.