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Yawen Chen - Welcome!

Senior Lecturer

I obtained my PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide in Australia in 2008. Before my PhD study, I received my Bachelors/Masters degree in Computer Science in 2002/2004 from Shandong Normal (Teachers) University in China. In Feb. 2012 I was appointed as Lecturer in Department of Computer Science at Otago University, and promoted to Senior Lecturer from Feb. 2018. I got Marsden Fund as PI in 2016.

I am currently in Systems Resesarch Group. My research interests include network-on-chips, optical networks, wireless optical networks, multicore computers, wired/wireless networks, delay tolerant and smartphone networks, and data center networks. Please feel free to contact me if we could work together on the related research. I am open for Ph.D applications, visiting students and scholars.

NEWS/System Research Group NEWS
  • [2019.02] Congratulations to Phd student Abbas who got his paper accepted by ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems.
  • [2019.02] Congratulations to Phd student Aleksei who got a job offer as Research Fellow in a leading research group in the area of MIMO at Lund University in Sweden.
  • [2017.02] Welcome visiting student Furong from Sun Yat-Sen University and visiting scholar A/Prof.Fangfang from Qilu University of Technology taking on board.
  • [2017.10.08] Promotion to Senior Lecturer is granted. Effective from Feb.2018.
  • [2017.08.08] Welcome Shixiong from Xidian University as visiting student for one month
  • [2017.01.01-08.01] co-authored papers accepted by ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, IEEE Transcations on Sustainable Computing, LCN 2017, Globcom 2017.
  • [2016.10.08] Got Marsden Fund as PI.
  • [2016.03.08] Serve as Web Chair of ITNAC 2016 and Workshop co-Chair of PICom 2016.
  • [2016.03.01] Co-authored papers accepted by The Computer Journal/Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers/Computers and Electrical Engineering.
  • [2015.06.05] Group news: 1) Welcome Abbas Arghavani taking on board as a PhD student in System Research group! 2) Welcome Huan Feng (from Tsinghua University, PHD visiting student hosted by Zhiyi). 3) Congratulations to Adeel on submitting his Ph.d thesis.
  • [2015.03.20] Welcome new Ph.D student Guangbin Xiao taking on board in Systems Group.
  • [2015.01.30] Attend ACSW 2015 conference and present paper in Sydney.
  • [2014.11.27] Congratulations to Feiyang, who got his first Phd research paper accepted by INFOCOM 2015 (A+ ranking, acceptance rate 19%, received 2 reviewers' strong acceptances).
  • Systems Research Group Farewell to Xiaoxin (from Shanghai Jiaotong University) and Welcome to Xuanzhang (from Xidian University)

  • [2014.10.1] Got UORG2015 Fund.
  • [2014.09.30] Jason submitted his Ph.d thesis and is employed as a postdoc researcher funded by UORG 2014.
  • [2014.09.20] Invited as the TPC member of SiPhotonics 2015.

Contact Details

Phone: +64 3 479 5740
Email: yawen AT
Office: Room 108A, Owheo Building
Department of Computer Science
University of Otago
Dunedin, New Zealand

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