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Research Assistant/Postdoc Positions

We are looking for mature researchers to conduct high quality research in Systems Research Group. The research topics can be either of the following areas: computer networks (wired or wireless), network on chips, green computing.

Ph.D Positions

Ph.d positions are available in system research group. Please refer to the homepage of system group. Systems lab

The University of Otago offers the Ph.D scholarship of 25,000NZ$ (around 20,000US$, 125,000RMB) per year with an exempt tuition fee for excellent applicants (PhD and scholarship applications are reviewed monthly throughout the year). Please feel free to contact me and I will response if you have good potentials to conduct good quality research in our research team:

You may not have a glory CV, but you have a good recommendation from your supervisor;

You may not have big research ideas, but you are self-motivated with research publication(s);

You may not be a math genius, but you are interested in analytical research;

You may not be from a top university but you are good student in your university.

You may not be very smart but you are diligent:)

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