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344/Database/Additional Learning Resources

Interesting and helpful learning resources (short videos, demostrations, animations, magic tricks and etc. )

Some of the learning resources are shown in lectures, which are mainly used to encourage the students' interests, help to understand the related lectures' content, or extend your knowledge. These resources have no relationship with the examination. So, when you prepare for the answers of your final exam, you need to follow the descriptions/guidelines/contents in lecture notes/tutorials/textbook, instead of this extra resources.

Lecture notes with pictures (only used to arise your insterest, and the texts are the same with the versions on the webpage of this paper. I've shared this folder, you can access by login with your own gmail account)

Lecture View and Null

  • View in database
  • Null in database
  • With check options
  • Lecture Catalog

  • Explore a Google data center with Street View
  • Oracle catalog
  • datacenters
  • Dedicated and Shared Server Processes
  • Oracle Database Startup and Shutdown Procedure
  • Logical Structures
  • Logical and Physical Storage
  • Database storage

  • Physical Storage
  • Linear and binary search
  • Big data storage
  • Index

  • Index in several minutes
  • B tree
  • B tree animation
  • B+ tree animation
  • B+ tree animation
  • Security/Transactions

  • Database Security Superheros
  • ACID property
  • Microsoft SQL Server Transactions
  • Database Locking: What it is, Why it Matters and What to do About it
  • Locking and Timestampe Ordering
  • Query Optimization
  • Other Database Models

  • What is Database and SQL/Types of DBMS?
  • What is NoSQL ?
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon DynamoDB Overview, a fully managed NoSQL database service
  • Other interesting database related concepts

  • Mind Maps of Database Concepts
  • Relational Model in 9 minutes
  • Big Data, On Demand
  • What Is Cloud Storage?
  • Explian a 100 page Database Book in 2 minutes!
  • Hadoop
  • Database History (different models)
  • NoSQL Style (Gangnam Style Parody for Geeks)
  • Feel free to emal me know if I miss anything or you want me to add anything! I Love emails!

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