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Yawen Chen - Welcome!


I obtained my PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide in Australia in 2008. Before my PhD study, I received my Bachelors degree in Computer Science in 2002 and Masters degree in 2004 from Shandong Normal (Teachers) University in China. My son was born in 2009, and in 2011 I moved with my family to Dunedin, taking up a part-time postdoc position at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Otago. In February 2012 I was appointed as Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science.

I am currently in Systems Resesarch Group. My research interests include performance evaluation and resource allocation in multicore computer systems, wired/wireless networks, energy-related modelling, high performance computing, graph-related modelling. My currents research topics cover energy modelling in multicore comoputer systems, routing in optical network on chips, delay tolerant and smartphone networks, and data center networks. Please feel free to contact me if we could work together on the related research. I am open for Ph.D applications (click here to see my preference ).

NEWS/System Research Group NEWS
  • [2017.10.08] Promotion to Senior Lecturer is granted. Effective from Feb.2018.
  • [2017.08.08] Welcome Shixiong Qi from Xidian University as visiting student for one month
  • [2017.01.01-08.01] co-authored papers accepted by ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, IEEE Transcations on Sustainable Computing, LCN 2017, Globcom 2017.
  • [2016.10.08] Got Marsden Fund as PI.
  • [2016.03.08] Serve as Web Chair of ITNAC 2016 and Workshop co-Chair of PICom 2016.
  • [2016.03.01] Co-authored papers accepted by The Computer Journal/Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers/Computers and Electrical Engineering.
  • [2015.06.05] Group news: 1) Welcome Abbas Arghavani taking on board as a PhD student in System Research group! 2) Welcome Huan Feng (from Tsinghua University, PHD visiting student hosted by Zhiyi). 3) Congratulations to Adeel on submitting his Ph.d thesis.
  • [2015.04.01] Group news: Feiyang attended Infocom 2015 in Hong Kong.
  • [2015.03.20] Welcome new Ph.D student Guangbin Xiao taking on board in Systems Group.
  • [2015.03.05] The website for the Otago Computer Science Women's Association is listed on the CS department hompage ( Please join the this group and make contributions.
  • [2015.01.30] Attend ACSW 2015 conference and present paper in Sydney.
  • [2014.11.27] Congratulations to Feiyang, who got his first Phd research paper accepted by INFOCOM 2015 (A+ ranking, acceptance rate 19%, received 2 reviewers' strong acceptances).
  • [2014.11.6] Xuanzhang Liu from Xidian University is visiting System Resesarch Group for 3 months. Welcome!
  • Systems Research Group Farewell to Xiaoxin (from Shanghai Jiaotong University) and Welcome to Xuanzhang (from Xidian University)

  • [2014.10.1] Got UORG2015 Fund.
  • [2014.09.30] Jason submitted his Ph.d thesis and is employed as a postdoc researcher funded by UORG 2014.
  • [2014.09.20] Invited as the TPC member of SiPhotonics 2015. Thanks for the invitation.

Contact Details

Phone: +64 3 479 5740
Email: yawen AT
Office: Room 108A, Owheo Building
Department of Computer Science
University of Otago
Dunedin, New Zealand

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