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402/Additional Learning Resources

Interesting and helpful learning resources (short videos, demostrations, animations, magic tricks and etc. )

Note!These resources are only used for the studetns who want more challenges or information, which may be helpful for understanding the contents of the notes. These resources have no relationship with the examination. You should not use these information as the guidance of your exam. So, when you prepare for the answers of your final exam, you need to follow the descriptions/guidelines/contents in lecture notes/tutorials/textbook, instead of this extra resources.

Teaching strategy

I am going to use a Question-based teaching strategy for teaching the following advanced technology lectures:

1) Concepts are delivered and explained by answering those questions;

2) In the end of the lecture, you will need to have the basic ideas of the concepts/technology;

3) As these lectures are about advanced technologies with a large amount of ongoing research, there will be no specific textbook. To let you concentrate on what we have introduced without too much frustrations, the final examination questions will be based on the lecture notes, especially the questions raised in the lectures.

4) The following additional resources are collected to let you gain more knowledge/understanding of the technology. Please keep in mind that the these resources have no relationship with exam.

  • Assignment 3
  • Data Center

  • Gartner: Top 10 Technology Trends for 2015 IT can’t ignore
  • Cloud Computing Explained (Motivation)
  • The Three Ways to Cloud Compute
  • 10 Great Cloud Applications
  • Facebook Data Center
  • Facebook's data center fabric (good explaination)
  • LIFI

  • How does Li Fi work (good poster)
  • Bye Bye Wi Fi, here comes Li Fi (Professor)
  • A good poster
  • Wi-fi makes room for li-fi - hitech (good demo)
  • Li-Fi : VLC wireless LAN system.
  • good explaination (company)
  • Top 10 myths of Li-Fi
  • Network On Chips

  • NaNoC(good explaination in the beginning)
  • IBM Advances the Use of Light Instead of Wires for Chips
  • Wavelength
  • DTN

  • Quick DTN Introduction 2014 (motivation)
  • Introduction to Disruption Tolerant Networking (no audio version)
  • Hamilton path
  • Plyominoes
  • SDN

  • What is SDN
  • Why SDN...Software-defined Networking? (short)
  • The Software-Defined Data Center
  • Explore the Possibilities with the Software Defined Network
  • Transform your datacenter with software-defined networking
  • OpenFlow
  • OpenFlow and SDN
  • What is SDN?
  • Why SDN...Software-defined Networking? (short motivation)
  • IoTs

  • What is The Internet of Things?
  • What is The Internet of Things?
  • Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT
  • What is RFID?
  • New Bio-metric Pulse RFID Chip New World Order Tracking Technology !
  • Energy Harvesting Wireless Switch at CES 2014 (ZigBee, NFC)
  • References

  • CSE570S: Recent Advances in Networking from WUSTL
  • Feel free to emal me know if I miss anything or you want me to add anything! I Love emails!

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