International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and Southeast Asia
29 November - 2 December 2005   ·   Dunedin, New Zealand

  Program: Day 1 (Wednesday, 30 November)

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Presenter instructions

Day 1: Wednesday 30 November

8:30 Registration

Full Papers
(St David Lecture Theatre)

Short Papers
(Seminar Room 1)

9:00 Opening  
Invited Talk
Andrew Glassner "Be Here Now Together: Interactive Participatory Fiction for the 21st Century"
10:30 Morning Tea (30 minutes, foyer)
Session 1: Rendering Pipeline
Selective Component-Based Rendering
Kurt Debattista, Veronica Sundstedt, Luis Paolo Santos, Alan Chalmers
View-dependent Tetrahedral Meshing and Rendering
Ralf Sondershaus, Wolfgang Strasser
Rayskip: Faster Ray Tracing of Implicit Surface Animations
Erwin de Groot, Brian Wyvill
Level of Detail Based Occlusion Culling for Dynamic Scenes
Anselm Grundhöfer, Benjamin Brombach, Robert Scheibe, Bernd Froehlich
Session 1: Animation and Simulation
Predictive Crowd Simulations for Cultural Heritage Applications
Diego Gutierrez, Bernard Frischer
Probabilistic, layered and hierarchical animated agents using XML
Isaac Rudomín and Erik Millán
A Topology-Preserving Polygonal Simplification Using Vertex Clustering
Takayuki Kanaya, Yuji Teshima, Koji Nishio, Ken-ichi Kobori
Iris Synthesis: A Reverse Subdivision Application
Lakin Wecker, Faramarz Samavati, Marina Gavrilova
12:30 Lunch (80 minutes, foyer)
Session 2: Sketch Interfaces
More Optimal Strokes for NPR Sketching
Lewis, Fong, XueXiang, Seah, Feng
Sketching with a Low-latency Electronic Ink Drawing Tablet
Alex Henzen, Neculai Ailenei, Fabian Di Fiore, Frank Van Reeth, John Patterson
Appearance-Preserving Manipulation of Hand-Drawn Graphs
James Arvo, Kevin Novins
Skewed Mirror Symmetry Detection from a 2D Sketch of a 3D Model
H. L. Zou and Y. T. Lee
Session 2: Reconstruction and Rendering
Analysis and Reconstruction of the Tiling of Alcazar in Seville using Computer Vision Tools
Francisco Albert, José M. Gomis, Margarita Valor
Rendering Translucency with Perlin Noise
Dr. Saim Ural, Ryan Barnard
Efficient Light Scattering through Thin Semi-Transparent Objects
Jeppe Revall Frisvad, Niels Jørgen Christensen, Peter Falster
Predictive sunlight simulation for the remodeling of the Real Madrid stadium
Fermin Gomez, Francisco Seron, Justiniano Aporta, Diego Gutierrez
15:30 Afternoon Tea (30 minutes, foyer)
Session 3: Natural Objects
Real-time Rendering of Realistic-Looking Grass
Musawir A. Shah, Jaakko Konttinen, Sumanta Pattanaik
Real-time Cloth Simulation for Garment CAD
Napaporn Metaaphanon and Pizzanu Kanongchaiyos
Paintbrush rendering of lines using HMMs
Yuta Okabe, Suguru Saito, Masayuki Nakajima
Simulating tree growth based on internal and environmental factors
Zhuming Lam and Scott A. King
Session 3: Interactive Visualisation
Visual Data Mining of Genomic Databases by Immersive Graph-Based Exploration
Nicolas Ferey, Pierre Emmanuel Gros, Joan Herisson, Rachid Gherbi
Collaborative Interactive Physical Simulation
Jeremie Dequidt, Laurent Grisoni, Christophe Chaillou
Events, actions and interaction
Marissa Diaz, Isaac Rudomin
An Analysis and VR Simulation Platform for Fire Spread Experiments at Field-scale
Alexandre Muzy, Nicolas Fauvet, Patrick Bourdot, Frédéric Bosseur, Christophe Gouinaud
17:30 Break (30 minutes)
18:00 Electronic Theatre - Animations (60 minutes, St David Lecture Theatre)

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