International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and Southeast Asia
29 November - 2 December 2005   ·   Dunedin, New Zealand

  Program: Day 2 (Thursday, 1 December)

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Presenter instructions

Day 2: Thursday 1 December

8:30 Registration

Full Papers
(St David Lecture Theatre)

Short Papers
(Seminar Room 1)

Invited Talk
Paul Debevec "Reality Without Compromise: Reflectance Field Acquisition of Actors, Objects, and Environments"
Guest Speaker
Dr. G.J. Huang "Enabling Digital Brilliance -- Digital Content Industrial Development"
10:30 Morning Tea (30 minutes, foyer)
Session 1: Model Definition
Spherical Manifolds for Adaptive Resultion Surface Modelling
Cindy Grimm
Using Genetic Algorithms to Optimise Triangle Strips
Kieren Lord, Ross Brown
Surfel Stripping
Tamy Boubekeur, Patrick Reuter and Christophe Schlick
Generalized Sweep Templates for Implicit Modeling
Ryan Schmidt, Brian Wyvill
Session 1: Textures
One-Click Lattice Extraction from Near-Regular Textures
Kevin Sookocheff, David Mould
A Novel Color Region Homogenization and Its Application in Improving Skin Detection Accuracy
Mohammad Ali Akbari, Masayuki Nakajima
Synthesizing Transition Textures on Succession Patterns
Yueh-Yi Lai, Wen-Kai Tai, Chin-Chen Chang, Chen-Duo Liu
Integrating Procedural Textures with Replicated Image Editing
Stephen Brooks, Neil A. Dodgson
12:30 Lunch (80 minutes, foyer)
Session 2: Rendering effects
Photon Splatting For Participating Media
Antoine Boudet, David Pratmarty, Paul Pitot, Mathias Paulin
Interactive Image-Space Refraction of Nearby Geometry
Chris Wyman
Real-Time High-Quality View-Dependent Texture Mapping using Per-Pixel Visibility
Damien Porquet, Jean-Michel Dischler, Djamchid Ghazanfarpour
3D Screen-space Widgets for Non-linear Projection
Patrick Coleman, Leon Barret, Nisha Sudarsanam, Karan Singh, Cindy Grimm
Session 2: Systems
Spherical mirror: A new approach to hemispherical dome projection
Paul Bourke
A Flexible 3D Slicer for Voxelization Using Graphics Hardware
Hsien-Hsi Hsieh, Yueh-Yi Lai, Wen-Kai Tai, Sheng-Yi Chang
An Intrusive Evaluation of Ambient Display
Xiaobin Shen, Andrew Vande Moere, Peter Eades
Cluster based solution for virtual and augmented reality applications
Antoine Tarault, Thomas Convard, Patrick Bourdot, Jean-Marc Vézien
15:30 Afternoon Tea (30 minutes, foyer)
Session 3: Textures
Psychologically-Based Vision and Attention for the Simulation of Human Behaviour
Stephen J. Rymill, Neil A. Dodgson
Drawing the Real
Danijela Markovic, Margrit Gelautz
Uniting Cartoon Textures with Computer Assisted Animation
William Van Haevre, Fabian Di Fiore, Frank Van Reeth
Texture for Animated Volume Characters
Peiyi Shen, Philip Willis

17:30 Free (90 minutes)
19:00 Conference Dinner - Dunedin Town Hall (ticket required)

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