computer science


Majoring in COSC

Computer science (COSC) can be a major subject for either the Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) or the Bachelor of Arts degree (BA).

Roughly speaking, you get a Bachelor's degree at Otago for earning 360 credit points of which about half come from papers in your major subject and the remainder come from other subjects that have relevance for your chosen degree. Most papers count 18 points, so a Bachelor's degree will usually include 20 papers.

To major in computer science, the following papers must form part of your degree:

  • 100-level COMP160 + COMP101 + ENGL127 + one of MATH 151, 160, 170, COMO 101, STAT 110, 115, BSNS 112, FINC 102, or an approved alternative.
  • 200-level COSC241 + COSC242 + COSC243 + COSC244
  • 300-level COSC326 + at least three of COSC301, 341, 342, 343, 344, 345, 346, and 360.

The major subject requirement talks about only 12 of the 20 papers you need for your degree. The remaining papers may be chosen from other subjects or from other papers in Computer Science. We recommend the Python paper COMP150, the introduction to designing and building web pages COMP112, and the advanced paper on building professional websites, COSC212.

For academically able students who wish to specialise in one area of Computer Science, it may be possible to include a 400-level paper in their third year. The adviser will help you plan for it.