Recent publications (post 2009)

Journal papers

  1. Permutation machines and permutation patterns, In Permutation Patterns (2010), S. Linton, N. Ruskuc, and V. Vatter, Eds., vol. 376 of London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, Cambridge University Press, pp. 67-88.
  2. Permutations generated by stacks and deques, Annals of Combinatorics 14 (2010) 3-16 (with M. H. Albert and S. A. Linton) (pdf)
  3. Avoiding consecutive patterns in permutations (with R. E. L. Aldred, D. J. McCaughan), Advances in Applied Mathematics 45 (2010) 449-461.(pdf)
  4. Growth rates for subclasses of Av(321), Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 17 (2010) Paper R141 (16 pages) (with M. H. Albert, R. Brignall, N. Ruskuc, Rebecca Smith and J. West) (pdf)
  5. Substitution-closed pattern classes, Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A 118 (2011) 317-340 (with R. Smith, N. Ruskuc) (pdf).
  6. Subclasses of the Separable Permutations (with M. H. Albert and V. Vatter) Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 2011; doi: 10.1112/blms/bdr022 (pdf)
  7. Counting permutations avoiding 2341 and 4123, European Journal of Combinatorics 33 (2012, on-line 17/9/2011) 49-61 (with B. E. Sagan and V. Vatter) (pdf).
  8. On the inverse image of pattern classes under Bubble Sort (with M. H. Albert, Mathilde Bouvel, Anders Claesson, Mark Dukes). Journal of Combinatorics 2 (2011) 231-243 (pdf).
  9. The enumeration of permutations avoiding 4231 and 2143 (with M. H. Albert and R. Brignall), Pure Mathematics and Applications, 22 (2011) 87-98.
  10. Pattern classes and priority queues (with M. H. Albert) pdf, Pure Mathematics and Application 23(2) (2012) 161-177.
  11. The enumeration of three pattern classes using monotone grid classes, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 19 (2012) (with M. H. Albert and R. Brignall)
  12. Geometric grid classes of permutations (with M. H. Albert, Mathilde Bouvel, N. Ruskuc, V. Vatter) pdf, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 365 (2013), 5859-5581.
  13. Inflations of Geometric Grid Classes: Three Case Studies (with M. H. Albert and V. Vatter), Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 58 (1) (2014), 27-47.
  14. Isomorphisms between pattern classes (with M. H. Albert and Anders Claesson), Journal of Combinatorics 6 (1-2) (2015), 3-17.
  15. Deflatability of permutation classes, (with M. H. Albert, Cheyne Homburger, Jay Pantone), Australasian Journal of Combinatorics 64(1) (2016) 252-276 pdf .

Edited conference proceedings

  1. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Permutation Patterns, Florence 2009, in Pure Mathematics and Applications 21, Issue 2 (2010) (with Luca Ferrari)

Unrefereed publications

  1. The Republican Party after the 2012 Election, The Open Society 86(1) (2013), 21-22.

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