The conference sessions will take place in the Academic Common Room at St Margaret's College (where most participants will be staying). The first talk is at 10.00am on Mondy 16 June but please note that registration for the conference will take place between 9.00am and 9.45am on Monday in the Academic Common Room.

The plenary speaker will be Mireille Bousquet-Melou.

In the list of titles below underlined titles are links to the slides of the lecture.

TuesdayBrignallCoffeeSmithLunch Bousquet-Melou TeaPudwell
WednesdayFree Excursion
ThursdayDoCoffeeRiehlLunch ElizadeTeaWest, problem session
FridayAlbertCoffeeAsinowskiLunch Free

Index of talks

  1. Michael Albert: Subclasses of Av(321) and their Growth Rates
  2. Andrei Asinowski: Separable d-permutations and Guillotine Partitions
  3. Mike Atkinson: Permutations Generated by Stacks and Deques
  4. Mireille Bousquet-Melou: Counting Pattern Avoiding Permutations via Generating Trees
  5. Robert Brignall: Infinite Antichains of Permutations
  6. Alex Burstein: Total Occurrence of Statistics on Restricted Sets
  7. Dan Daly: Reduced Decompositions with Few Repetitions and Permutation Patterns
  8. Phan-Thuan Do: ECO-generation for Compositions and their Restrictions
  9. Sergi Elizalde: The Number of Permutations Realized by a Shift
  10. Andrew Niedermaier: Descents, Inversions, and Major Indices in S_k wreath S_n
  11. Lara Pudwell: Enumeration Schemes for Permutations Avoiding Barred Patterns
  12. Amanda Riehl: Permutations with k-regular Descent Patterns
  13. Rebecca Smith: Wreath-closed Pattern Classes
  14. Julian West: Universal Cycles for Pattern Classes