Cryptography and Security

Lectures - Semester 2, 2018

The schedule below is provided as a guide to our teaching plans, but remains subject to change.

Lecture 1 (DE) Introduction and administration; computer security
Lecture 2 (DE) Kerberos and Microsoft Active Directory
Lecture 3 (MA) History and theoretical background
Note: Lecture requires preparation! (see the resources page)
Lecture 4 (MA) Stream ciphers
Lecture 5 (DE) Block ciphers, HTTPS, TLS/SSL and certificates
Lecture 6 (MA) Asymmetric and public key encryption schemes
Lecture 7 (MA) Knapsacks and attacks
Mid Semester Break
Lecture 8 (MA) Complexity and quantum computation
Lecture 9 (DE) Web Single Sign On
Lecture 10 (DE) Decentralised authorisation and OAuth 2.0
Lecture 11 (DE) Homomorphic Encryption
Lecture 12 (DE) Reliability, distributed consensus and blockchain (e.g., bitcoin)
Lecture 13 Poster Presentations