COSC 360 - Computer Game Design - Game Projects Archive

This is the archive of the previous years' games. Games from 2015 on are built in Unity and are playable in the browser. Games made before 2015 are built in Java, using the Slick library, and available for download to run on recent versions of Mac OSX and Windows).

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with Lech Szymanski.


Corporate Saboteur

Corporate Saboteur game

Corporate Saboteur is a 2D puzzle platformer which sees you as a hacker with a gravity-defying prototype gun and goal to take down the biggest and evilest corporation on the planet: Mighty Mega Corp!


Extinguish game

Extinguish is a fantasy tower defense game. As the defending water legion you’re tasked with the defense of your sacred well from the fire’s army of flames, with access to an arsenal of weapons and defenses.


Kerihos game

Kerihos is a side-scrolling shooter where the player is transported to a virtual world on a mission to destroy the Kerihos virus.

Paper Run

Paper Run game

Paper Run is a high intensity survival type game where you are trying to deliver mail while dodging the wide variety of distractions.

The Runaway Dream

The Runaway Dream game

The Runaway Dream is a side scrolling arcade shoot ‘em up. The player chooses from a selection of unique ships and weapons, which are unlocked as you progress the game.

Run Monster Run

Run Monster Run game

Run Monster Run is a game where you play as a newly created Frankenstein's monster on the run from angry villagers.



In this game, you will play as Seagull Steve, defending your beach and your life from Blackbeak and his avian horde.



Dreamatorium game

Dreamatorium is 2D puzzle/adventure platformer. Journey through a total of three dreamscapes in order to face off against your worst enemy in an epic battle.



Eleven is a classic platform style game, with an original twist. It tells the story of an 11, a couple consisting of two “1’s” that has been separated by the evil Doctor Zero. The player must navigate a series of levels in order to complete the game. What makes it unique is the light and dark mechanic, and the cartoon based art style.

Kim Jong Fun

Kim Jong Fun game

In Kim Jong Fun, you play as North Korea in which your mission is to maneuver a robot around the planets to stop NASAs hold on the solar system.



LOCKDOWN is a 2D stealth platformer in which your goal is to escape from prison.


Ninjilante game

Ninjilante is a 2D stealth action game in which you control two competing ninjas that steal and kill their way towards a common objective. The player must stealthily navigate through large amounts of enemies by avoiding their cones of vision, to steal priceless gems.


Plunder game

Plunder is a procedurally generated top down rogue like Dungeon crawler, you play as Tristan Plunder an amateur mercenary cave explorer. One day after over hearing a group of people at the local inn talking about a cave full of treasure you quickly make your way to investigate, but be worn no one has ever returned after venturing into this unknown cave. Before the game starts you get a chance to pick a contract, the higher the reward the harder it is to find the item, so pick carefully. The goal of the game is to collect as much as possible before dying to maximise your score, but be aware each time you use a weapon its value will decrease.



ARENA game

Arena is a top-down space shooter. As the player you control one of four unlockable ships. Your goal is simple: blast your way through 19 waves of enemies for your chance to escape the arena.


Balloonatic game

Balloonatic is a classic side-scrolling flying game where the player must pilot their hot-air balloon as far as possible as they are swept along by the wind while avoiding ever more difficult obstacles.


Elementium game

This game is a side scrolling, platform puzzler in which four elementals - Earth, Water, Fire, and Air - have arrived on the planet Elementium. They must complete each level in the fastest time possible to prove who is the greater elemental. Each elemental has a certain set of skills which enable them to take different paths throughout the same level. Some elementals may have an easier path than others, which greatly benefits their ability to speed run through levels.


Exodus game

EXODUS is a turn-based tactical survival game inspired by FTL and the 1994 X-COM. The Coalition ship Rorkeís Drift was scouting an uncharted star system for signs of Syndicate forces, when it received a hail from the surface of one of the inner planets. After a flurry of unintelligible messages, the Rorkeís Drift was fired upon. Before the small ship was destroyed, the Captain ordered the crew to abandon ship. Your squad has crash landed on the hostile alien planet. The objective is to find a way to signal your fleet for rescue.Some of your men will die. You need to survive by any means necessary.

Matador Massacre

Matador Massacre game

Matador Massacre is a high intensity Pseudo 3d runner. It lets you play as Toro the bull running rampant through a Spanish city. Seek vengeance for your fathers death at the hands of the cities most famed matador. If you have ever wanted to control a raging bull this is the game for you!

Towers of Alchemy

Towers of Alchemy game

Towers of Alchemy is a strategic action game. As a lone alchemist you must defend your tower from waves of enemies, by blocking them with barricades, and destroying them with spells. Can you hold off the monsters until the tower ignites?




This is a tile based fantasy tactics and strategy game. Commanding a small group of heroes, you must use tactics and strategy to defeat hordes of evil bandits

Bandits game


Dragon Destiny

This game is a platform puzzle game where you are in an underground genetic labratory and scientists are conducting tests on creatures to create the ultimate creature. You start the game as an egg and as you finish each level you evolve into an upgraded creature with new powers.

Dragon Destiny game



Duo is a two-player co-op side scrolling platform puzzle game. The aim of the game is to navigate both players through each level while avoiding acid spills and traps. There are strategically placed levers and pressure plates which help open doors and turn off acid traps.

Duo game


The Legend of Pedro

The Legend of Pedro is a 2D platform shooter game. A zombie invasion has occurred, our hero Pedro has fled his home country of Mexico and arrived in Rome where the rumour is that it is a safe place. The Romans captured you as you entered the city and trained you to be a gladiator. You control Pedro and fight for his freedom in the Colosseum against the zombie horde which the Romans capture and turn loose in the Colosseum for the people's entertainment.

The Legend of Pedro game



Zombicide is a turn based strategy game based off the popular board game Zombicide.

Zombicide game




This is to some extent a spin on Missile Command. You are defending the surface of a planet. There are two game views. The world view shows you everything. There is a target circle which shows you the area you will zoom in to. This zoomed view places your turret in the center. The worm things will come towards you, if you they reach you, you lose a life.

Astraphobia game

Defence of the Ancients

You are God. It is your responsibility to ensure that civilization persists throughout the ages.
Construct towers to attack the advancers, and be sure to keep watch over the entire battlefield.
Call upon the destructive forces of nature when things are not going your way.

Defence of the Ancients game

Edward's First Day

A little girl called Rowan, finds a blob in the back yard. Rowan decides to call it Edward and take it to school for show and tell. Unbeknownst to her the blob forms a maternal bond with her and during the middle of her presentation it becomes self aware. The girl screams and runs away, leaving Edward frightened by the strange looking creatures that surround him. He must find Rowan, so off he goes, destroying all who stand his way. Oh yes, and he's very, very, very hungry.

Edward's First Day game


Glow is a unique platforming puzzle game. The player guides a boy named Nick through an abandoned mine as he searches for his dog, Molly. Nick has a nasty habit of eating glow worms which provides him with the convenient side effect of having a bioluminescent glow that helps him to see in the dark. During the game various mechanics are introduced including having Nick push mine carts and boulders to solve puzzles while collecting and throwing fallen stalactites to climb walls.

Glow game

Project Paradox

Time travel has been invented. Government agencies have sent back specially trained Time Agents to prevent historical disasters. They saved JFK from assassination, defeated the Huns and stopped the spread of the Plague.

Unfortunately, despite good intentions, the changes they made have accidentally caused an apocalypse. Your job is to go back in time and put things wrong again. You must assassinate JFK, help the Huns fight the Byzantine Empire and spread the Plague all while fighting the original Time Agents! For the greater good!

Project Paradox game



Hax Mayhem

In Hax Mayhem you take the role of "Hacker", an angry gamer, who is playing a computer game called "Muscles of Mayhem", a poorly developed platformer. The game turned out to be impossibly difficult to play, he therefore used his secret "Hax Disc" to add cheats into the game to make it easier. Little did he know the game has a high tech A.I. anti-hacking system who will do everything to stop Hacker from cheating.

Hax Mayhem game

Insanity Without Humanity

You, the Mad Scientist, are casually minding your own business in your lab when suddenly trolls! Everywhere!

What's worse is they've released all your monstrous creations too! Clearly this is bad for your health, so off you go on your escape.

Insanity Without Humanity game

Sparky the Fish Warrior

Old Manfish's young apprentice, Sparky, has grown tired of the old fish's condescension, and decides to prove himself by doing something no-one else has done before - steal the evil crabs' secrets.

Sparky game

Wrath of the Fallen

In Wrath of the Fallen, you assume the role of Lykos, a noble God of the land of Arcania who is on a perilous journey fighting his way back to his rightful throne which was taken away from him along with all his godly powers.

He must defeat powerful foes along the way to reclaim his powers and former glory.

Wrath of the Fallen game



Grack to the Future

In this game, the player controls Grack, your average everyday caveman. The game sees Grack stumble through an inter-dimensional warp-hole, which throws him thousands of years into the future.

Ralph the Penguin

Help Ralph the Penguin escape from the zoo, with the help of his trusty freeze gun!


In VEGELANTES, you are a jet plane lolly whose sole mission (should you choose to accept it) is to save as many kidnapped jellybeans from the clutches of the tyrannous Jack, and his army of Vegelantes.