Computer Graphics

Semester 1, 2017

2018 students please note: the information below is for 2017. The course pages for this paper for 2018 will be moving to Blackboard soon.


Tue:   9-9:50am     in     Quad 3
Thu:   9-9:50am     in     Burns 4

Note: Rooms are subject to change check your eVision timetable for the latest information.

Tutorials (1):

Tuesday 10:00 in MUG5a or.

Wednesday 11:00 in T201 or.

See eVision for streaming. Any streaming changes need to go through Kaye, in the CS office.

Note: Rooms are subject to change check your eVision timetable for the latest information.

Laboratories (1):

Mon: 4:00pm-5:50pm     in     Lab F (Owheo G38)

Lecture recordings and past material

The lectures that are recorded in 2017 will appear on the paper's Otago Capture section. Note that lectures need to be uploaded and transcoded, so may only appear some time after the lecture has occurred. Lecture recording is done manually for this paper, so is best-effort only. We cannot guarantee the quality or even existence of lecture recordings on any given day.


Week Date Lecture Lab Tutorial Notes
1 27 Feb 01: Introduction
02: Image representation
No labs Blender demonstration and Q&A
Blender homepage and YouTube Channel
Lect 01: pdf (10.3MB)
Lect 02: pdf (4.4MB)
2 06 Mar 03: Filtering, edge detection, blurring, separable filters
04: 2D graphics techniques
Blender Basics Essential mathematics: vectors and matrices
Lect 03: pdf (1.2MB)
Lect 04: pdf (0.4MB)
3 13 Mar 05: 2D tranformations
06: Image mosaicing 1
Vectors and Matrices in C++, and Introduction to OpenCV Colour, Illusions, Lect 05: pdf (0.2MB)
Lect 06: pdf (7MB)
4 20 Mar 07: Image mosaicing 2
08: Image mosaicing 3
2D transformations
Lab exercises
2D transformations
2D Transform Viewer
Exercises and Solutions
Lect 07: pdf (0.4MB)
Lect 08: pdf (6.4MB)
5 27 Mar 09: 3D transformations
10: Perspective and camera models
Lab exercises
RANSAC : exercises and spreadsheet
Thinking in 3D
Lect 09: pdf (4.8MB)
Lect 10: pdf (0.2MB)
6 03 Apr 11: Ray tracing introduction
12: OpenGL Introduction
Assignment help 3D transformations
3D Transform Viewer
Exercises and Solutions
Lect 11: pdf (2.3MB)
Lect 12: pdf (10.4MB)
7 10 Apr 13: Ray tracing primitives
14: OpenGL Scenes
Assignment 2 intro Rendering basics
Lect 13: pdf (0.2MB)
Lect 14: pdf (9.8MB) Assignment 1 due Monday
8 24 Apr [ANZAC Day]
15:OpenGL Lighting
OpenGL Intro 1 [ANZAC Day] Lect 15: pdf (8.7MB)
9 01 May 16: Raytracing Lighting
17: OpenGL textures
OpenGL Intro 2 OpenGL Essentials and C++ Basics
Lect 16: pdf (0.2MB)
Lect 17: pdf (15.8MB)
10 08 May 18: Ray tracing reflections
19: OpenGL Shadows
Assignment help No Tutorial Lect 18: pdf (2MB)
Lect 19: pdf (27.6MB)
11 15 May 20: Ray tracing efficiency
21: WebGL
Assignment help Review - Mosaicing Lect 20: pdf (0.2MB)
Lect 21: pdf (9.1MB)
12 22 May 22: Path tracing
23: Scenegraphs
WebGL Recap Rasterisation Pipeline
Lect 22: pdf (0.8MB)
Lect 23: pdf (10.1MB) Assignment 2 due Monday
13 29 May 25: Exam / Beyond 342
Review Assignment Review Lect 24: pdf (0.1MB)


[20%]   Assignment 1 requires you to use Blender to create a 3D model.

Assignment 1 is due at 5pm, on Monday 10th April (start of week 7).

[20%]   There are two choices for assignment 2: Option A) Write a ray tracer. Option B) Write a render engine.

You can choose to either:

If you choose to work in a pair, then each of you should submit one part of the assignment, and clearly state at the start of your report the name and student ID of your partner.

Assignment 2 is due at 5pm, Monday 22nd May (start of week 12).

Mathematics Revision

A summary of some of the mathematics you are expected to be familiar with is provided. This could be useful if you have difficulties with any of the material in Tutorial 2.

Geoff's Ray Tracing Notes (1995):

Part 1: Practical Ray Tracing.
Part 2: Professional Ray Tracing.


There is no set textbook for this course.

The team of shady characters:

Steve and Stefanie

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